Who is in charge?

Christ is also the head of the church,
which is his body.
He is the beginning,
supreme over all
who rise from the dead.
So he is first in everything.
For God in all his fullness
was pleased to live in Christ,

and through him God reconciled
everything to himself.
He made peace with everything
in heaven and on earth
by means of Christ’s blood on the cross.
 Colossians 1:18-20 NLT

We sometimes think we have control over our lives and have the ability to save the day by our own efforts. We must be reminded that God is in control… of absolutely everything. Jesus is the living leader and head of his church. There is no man who has this right. No one but Jesus has earned this position. Jesus is supreme. Even though supremacy is rightfully his because of his divinity, he has earned his supremacy by what he has done for us. He was there before there was a beginning, he was the Creator of all that is, and he was the one who passed through death victoriously for us.

Lord Jesus,
I ask you to take control of my life,
your church, and your Body.
Please glorify yourself in us
and permeate our leaders’
hearts with your will.
We want the world
to see your supremacy
because of our unity
and devotion to you.
And Holy God,
please glorify yourself
in Jesus through the Church.
To you, Lord God,
and to your Son and our Savior Jesus,
be all honor and glory
and praise for now, and forevermore.



Author: Ken Crawford

Church Transitions and Conflict Solutions

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